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"Everything you see I owe to spaghetti." ~Sophia Loren

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Tattoo by Thuler Tatuagem, Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, BR.

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Scenes from Seattle life: 

  • Flowers blooming through concrete. 
  • Pumpkin patch pix
  • Kara Thrace’s uniform from BSG, courtesy of EMP
  • That moment when you see the plaid from your elementary school uniforms on an American Apparel mannequin and think, “Ugh. Of course.”
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Actress Misty Upham Missing; Last Seen in Muckleshoot, WA - 10/10/14

Misty Upham, a Blackfeet actress famous for her performances inFrozen River,Jimmy P., andAugust: Osage County, has gone missing, according to her father Charles Upham. She was last seen leaving her sister’s apartment in Muckleshoot, Washington, on October 5.

ICTMN has confirmed with Washington police that a report has been filed and she is listed as missing according to their records.

Charles Upham’s note to the media reads as follows:

Award Winning Native Actress, Misty Upham-best known for her roles in: August Osage County, Jimmy P and Frozen River, is a Missing Person. She disappeared on Sunday, October 5, 2014. She was last seen walking from her sister’s apartment in Muckleshoot, Washington. Misty is considered an endangered missing person due to a medical condition. She has not been in contact with her family or friends since her disappearance. If anybody has any information or has been in contact with Misty since October 5, 2014. You are asked to contact the Auburn police department (253) 288-2121, case no. 14-13189.  


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the fault in our stars movie seems a bit different from the book…

Different? Or better? 

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