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Immersion In Nature, Naturally, Can Be Risky

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GQ Would Like To Remind Us That Jeff Goldblum Is Still Incredibly Stylish

Why are there only three photos? 

edit: Ugh, Buzzfeed is the worst (though they did provide more immediately viewable photos than the GQ article). The actual interview is great, but there was enough material for two, and the second one is better.

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she was special and unique because unlike other girls she read a book and drank a tea and didnt talk about a clothes
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Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

Ha! Clever. 

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Andrew WK is a GREAT philosopher of our time, and yes we are being 100% serious.

"Believing that joy is wrong is the most violent disrespect to our inherent nature as loving, pleasure seeking creatures. Let us elevate ourselves and embrace our highest and mightiest capacity for happiness. This life is our chance to unleash as much joy onto the world as we can.” 

Party Hard is one of my favorite songs, and I would absolutely read a PhD dissertation titled “We Do What We Like and We Like What We Do”.

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Gone(Fuel/Friends Chapel Session) - The Head and the Heart

these days roll sleepily by
i can hear the old train’s cry
there will always be a moon
pulling me away from you
you’re gone

This is perfect.

Hangin’ with Emily. This is the perfect song for ambiance.

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I took my cat on his first walk yesterday

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The mountain man’s a hard guy to read. I don’t know. I really don’t. You’ll probably have to ask him that. Hell, he looks at me sometimes, I think he’s looking right through me, so I just don’t know. Other times, he says, smell my beard, skip. I’m like, I don’t think so.
Lloyd McClendon on Dustin Ackley’s confidence level (via everythingmariners)